Certification. 100% Wagyu beef.

Kobe Nagusi® beef comes from the Tajima strand of Japanese Black Wagyu cattle. This purebred is a guarantee of excellence only awarded to producers who satisfy the stringent demands of the Japanese authorities who consider the meat part of their national heritage.

Five generations guarantee the purity of our cattle and each of our animals comes with a certificate of authenticity: 100% Black –Wagyu.

Carne de Kobe Nagusi, certificación
Carne de Kobe Nagusi, certificación, 100% carne de Kobe
Carne de Kobe Nagusi, certificación Kobe beef
Carne de Kobe Nagusi, proveniente del linaje Tajima Black Wagyu

The secret behind the world’s best beef.

Considered the world’s most exclusive and delicious meat, the annual production of Wagyu beef is limited, even in Japan.

Kobe Nagusi® possesses an array of exclusive organoleptic properties which cannot be found in any other type of meat.

Once cooked, the meat offers a deep, slightly sweet, roasted flavour, is extremely succulent and tender with optimum texture, leaving a pleasant, lingering taste on the palate; reminiscent of the delicate, fresh taste of distant pastures found in butter or yoghurt.

Kobe steak
Kobe Beef

Thanks to its intense intramuscular fat marbling, earning scores ranging from 9 to 11 (the maximum is 12), Kobe Nagusi® beef is extremely juicy and attractive to the eye.

Certified by the Japanese Beef Grading Association.

Wagyu steak

The extent of fat marbling in Kobe Nagusi® means that once it reaches the mouth, it melts, like butter.

Our products

Kobe meat

The cuts.

Great care is taken when butchering our cattle. We only employ expert butchers who work in ideal cutting conditions to guarantee the best results. Each cut of Kobe Nagusi® tastes every bit as good as it should. After all, it is the best meat in the world.

Product specifications

Japanese beef

Sliced Kobe®.

The slices are taken from the rear hind quarter of the Kobe heifer. Once the meat has undergone a curing process, it is cut into thin slices to allow all the nuanced flavours to be fully appreciated. This exclusive delicacy can be purchased at the following retailers.

Product specifications

Kobe Wagyu

The herd. A good life and a healthy diet.

The one thing everyone seems to have heard about is the cosseted and indulged lifestyle of Wagyu cattle. This pampered care is absolutely key to delivering a quality product. Our cattle graze freely on excellent, sustainable pastureland under our ever-watchful eye.

Wagyu cattle