Legal notice


  • Company owning the website.

    This WEBSITE is owned by MUGABURU, SL, a company whose registered office is at C/MIRAMAR 2 in San Sebastián, trading under VAT No. B20023982.

  • General considerations.

    Access to the WEBSITE WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM is subject to prior reading of and conformity with these regulations governing access and use, any other mentions and legal notices contained in this WEBSITE.

    Users of the WEBSITE WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM are deemed to refer to all those persons who access the content of the website

    Access and subsequent use of the WEBSITE by the user shall imply their express, full and unreserved conformity with all content thereof. If the user does not agree with the content of these regulations governing browsing and use, they shall be duty bound to leave this WEBSITE and shall not be entitled to either access or make use of the services provided herein. They also expressly and without exception accept that they are solely and exclusively responsible for access to and use of this WEBSITE, the services it provides and the content of said service.

    Access to this WEBSITE is free of charge and display thereof does not require any prior subscription or registration.

    Any use of this WEBSITE that is deemed not in accordance with these regulations governing access and use shall be expressly prohibited, with the owner reserving the right to any action in law which, where appropriate, may assist them in addressing any corresponding responsibilities that may have derived from any use deemed not in accordance therewith.

  • Rights and obligations of WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM.

    As supplier of the service, WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM shall provide the services offered by this WEBSITE, effectively ensure secrecy with regard to any communication that may be forthcoming with the user, and respond to any claims that may be made.

    If any operations regarding the maintenance, repair, updating or improvement of services need to be carried out, WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM may temporarily suspender accessibility to the WEBSITE without prior notice, and also reserves the right to provide or cancel the services contained herein. Without prejudice to the aforementioned, it shall strive to inform users thereof, provided that circumstances enable it to do so.

    Any use made by users of the services and/or data and/or information supplied to them via this WEBSITE shall be at their own risk and expense. WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM does not guarantee the timeliness or appropriateness of the information supplied for the purpose pursued by the user or any other person.

    WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM may unilaterally modify the configuration of this WEBSITE and regulations and/or content thereof at any time it sees fit, or remove them, restrict them or suspend them either temporarily or definitively. It may also prevent access thereto while endeavouring to inform the user of said change via announcement on the WEBSITE, provided that circumstances enable it to do so.

  • Rights and obligations of the user.

    The user is duty bound at all times to ensure they make lawful use of the services contained in this WEBSITE in accordance with the legislation in force, respecting the intellectual property rights of WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM and/or third parties.

    The user shall not take any action via the services provided to them by WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM that may cause damage or alterations to the contents herein or hinder the smooth running of the WEBSITE, cause technical problems of any description, transfer any elements that may contain computer virus or damage, interfere or intercept this WEBSITE either totally or partially, or intervene or alter the email of any other users.

    The user is solely responsible for the truth of the data they provide. If they have provided any false or incorrect data, WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM reserves the right to prohibit the user from accessing this WEBSITE as well as denying them the service requested and/or refusing to their requests and/or correspondence.

    WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM reserves the right to take any action, where appropriate, against any use of this WEBSITE deemed contrary to the regulations in force and/or use that may cause any damage and/or harm to WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM and/or its collaborators and/or third parties.

  • Guarantees and responsibility with regard to the functioning of WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM

    WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM does not guarantee the availability or continued functioning of this WEBSITE or the services contained herein. In any event, WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM shall do everything in its power to maintain the continued availability of this WEBSITE.

    WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM has established all the technical and organisational measures required to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the personal details provided by the user.

    WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM neither controls nor guarantees the absence of virus or any other elements detected in the content of this WEBSITE that may give rise to alterations in the owner’s computer (software and hardware) system or in the electronic documents and files stored on their computer system. WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM is free from any liability for damages of any description that may be due to the presence of virus in the content that may give rise to alternations in the computer system, electronic documents or files, etc.

    WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM has no obligation or control over the use made by users of this WEBSITE, the services and the content herein, nor is it bound by any obligation to verify the identity of users or the truth, validity, thoroughness and/or authenticity of the data provided by the latter about themselves to other users.

    The user accepts that the portal has been created and developed in good faith by WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM with information deriving from other internal and external sources and offers this to users in its current state, in the knowledge that it may contain inaccuracies or misprints. Thus, WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM cannot be held liable for any lack of usefulness or false expectations caused by the portal to the user while the latter is browsing the WEBSITE.

  • Intellectual property.

    All intellectual property rights over the content of this WEBSITE belong to WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM, except those pertaining to companies with whom it may have signed the corresponding contract for the provision of content thereof.

    Any design, images, maps, graphs, trademarks, headings, distinctive signs or logos pertaining to WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM, frames, banners, software and their different codes, sources and objects, etc. attached to this WEBSITE are owned by WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM, who holds legitimate and exclusive rights of exploitation over them, and/or those owned by third parties.

    Any user who access this WEBSITE shall be duty bound not to copy, modify, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, transfer or sell any of the aforementioned elements or create new any products or services that may derive from the information obtained.

    The user is only authorised to display and load the aforementioned elements for personal rather than commercial use, and any alteration of this WEBSITE that may affect either its functioning or its content, links or similar shall be strictly prohibited.

    WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM shall pursue any case of violation of its intellectual property rights and, for such purpose, reserves the right to take any legal action to which it may be entitled, including compensatory action to address any liability of which the user may be found to be in violation.

  • Links or hypertext links.

    No link may be established with the portal from any other WEBSITE without the prior and express consent of WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM. In the event that this WEBSITE should contain links to other portals or WEBSITES which are not administered by WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM, the latter declares that they exercise no control nor will assume any liability for the content thereof.

    Links included by WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM on this WEBSITE shall solely be provided by way of information, without any type of appraisal or responsibility for the content, services or products being offered via such links. Under no circumstances shall WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM be held liable for any damages resulting from services rendered by third parties.

  • Applicable legislation and jurisdiction.

    These regulations governing use and browsing are pursuant to Spanish legislation. Both parties submit themselves before the jurisdiction and exclusive competence of the courts of Donostia-San Sebastián for the purpose of settling any disputes that may derive from the existence or content of these regulations or from relations between the user and WWW.CASAHIERRO.COM , with express waiver of any other jurisdiction to which they may have recourse.